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Till Antonio


Till Antonio is an enthusiastic and multifaceted DJ & Producer from Berlin. Beginning in 2019, he has had the pleasure of indulging in creating enchanting, never-ending musical journeys on the dancefloor.

Always adapting to the atmosphere and energy of the moment, he has gained a lot of experience playing at several Open Airs, had his club debut at Burg Schnabel and was scheduled to play at Beate Uwe & KitKat.

It was with great pleasure that he played at many uprising festivals, such as Sauna Splash, Wohnzimmer Adventures & Cute Laune Festival.

He is a Co-Founder and Resident at Dies | Das Kollektiv (@diesdaskollektiv), a Berlin based art collective that is focused on electronic music in all its forms & shapes, providing the audiovisual context for conscious moderate escalations.

Till Antonio
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